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Utility Customer Service

National Utility Services is a leading provider in outsourced customer support. With National Utility Services you can be assured that all your incoming resident phone calls will be answered promptly, professionally and that the residents you are billing, or your municipal residents will get the answers they need and the respect they deserve.

When you choose to utilize our Customer Call Center Services, we partner with you to create a completely customized program that gives you complete control over how incoming calls are managed.

We use the latest in call center technology to ensure your residents never get a busy signal, and that call ques are kept exceptionally low. Hold times never exceed a few minutes. We can even provide you with daily, weekly, or monthly reports that include the customer’s name, phone number, duration, and reason for the call.

We are fully trained and ready to use most commercial web-based utility billing systems or you can choose to utilize our custom billing system

Give us a call today to learn how National Utility Services can help you take control of your customer call center.

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