Generally, the Property Management office will notify National Utility Services of your move in or move out date. To ensure you receive timely service, please feel free to complete the “Contact Us” in the resident portal by clicking the Resident/Management log in tab at the top of this page. A representative will contact your property management to confirm the information. Please leave a contact e-mail address where you can best be reached if we have any questions or need additional information.

This generally means that your home has two meters that are being read. Depending on your utility services, National Utility Services may be managing your water, gas, and/or electric usage.

National Utility Services invoices and collects payments on behalf of the community management company. All outstanding balances are owed to the community you live in. Should you need additional time to pay, or a payment arrangement, our account manager can discuss this with your management company, however any payment arrangements made may prevent late fees from accruing.

National Utility Services strives to have as little of an environmental impact as possible. We offer E-statements as an alternative to receiving a mailed invoice. When you utilize our E-statement option, we will notify you via e-mail when a new statement is available. Your statement may also be accessed online 24 hours a day by logging into our resident portal at the top of the page.

The price for your utility usage is determined by the utility provider and the rate for which you are billed. The administrative fee is what we assess for reading your individual meter service, invoice production, postage, maintaining web-based account access, and providing you with a dedicated customer call center to assist you with the process.

Although all checks and money orders are accepted, you can set up your account for online payments and auto-payments. Your bank may also offer online bill payment services.

Currently, using a credit card or debit card for payment online has a convenience fee of $3.95. If made over the telephone, the fee is $1.95. If you have any questions or need other payment arrangements, please contact one of our customer service representatives at (818) 643-4015.

Hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST and Call Center hours are Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.

Typically, National Utility Services utilizes a radio frequency meter reading technology to read your meters. This allows us to read the meters daily without the need to access your home to perform the reads.
All utility rates come directly from the utility provider for the community. This rate is the rate that your management company pays for total usage for the entire community. National Utility Services does not mark up or profit off the utility usage.
There are many reasons why a bill can seem high. Your total bill is for your individual usage at your home. This is the total of what you used for the billing period for that utility. Typically, your unit is monitored daily for your metered usage. For water, the number one issue in most homes is a running toilet or outdated showerheads. With gas and electric utilities, make sure that your furnace filter is replaced regularly. If you are experiencing a leak or if your toilet is running continuously, please contact your property office.

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