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Meter Reading Services

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Meter Reading Services

National Utility Services provides professional meter reading services to remote billing companies, municipalities, and property owners.

We currently offer reading services in over 26 States and plan to expand our coverage area to all the lower 48 States by the end of 2022.

When your property is read by one of National Utility Services professional meter readers you can be assured that your reads will be accurate and on-time each cycle. Based on each property’s or route’s needs, National Utility Services utilizes a combination of tools, such as, hand-held pc’s, tablet pc’s, meter probes, meter scopes, and other recording equipment to ensure your reads are error free.All our readers clearly identify themselves with photo id badges, “Meter Reader” attire, and display “Meter Reader” signage on the sides and rear of their vehicles while performing reading services. For our submetering clients, we also check in and leave a door hanger with property management when we arrive on site.

National Utility Services utilizes the latest technology to ensure your reads are not only accurate but can be easily imported into any billing system. All incoming reads are imported; no matter if they are touchpads, radio reads, or straight visual, into our utility data management platform. Once imported, our trained and experienced reading coordinators look over every incoming read checking for errors, abnormal, non-function, or missed meters. We can then alert you of any maintenance issues or can have our readers audit any meters that appear abnormal. This practice ensures you always get accurate meter information from National Utility Services. From there we can create a custom data file in any format you choose CSV, Flat File, Fixed Width, Excel, and others. Just supply us with the file specification and we will send you that file every month. We can also automatically transfer that file to any internet connected server.

Systems Supported

We support most walk-by and direct visual read systems on the market including:

  • Sensus TouchRead
  • Neptune ProRead
  • Badger Systems
  • Direct Visual Read
  • ITRON Walk By
  • Master Meter 2G / MINT
  • and many more

We also support most Automated Meter Reading systems! Please see our Automatic Meter Reading section for more information.

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