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Utility billing reduces property consumption 15% – 40% by making tenants responsible for consumption. At National Utility Services, we offer billing, integration, installation, system maintenance and much more. National Utility Services has innovative solutions for your community. Submetering is not only applicable to apartment complexes, but also applies to condominiums developments.

Recent advances in metering technology have made it possible to economically convert multi-unit condominium developments to individually submetered units.

In a condominium building, much like an apartment complex, submetering is an effective way to tailor the utility bill to each tenant’s individual usage. By using the method of submetering, you can benefit financially from any cost-saving measures your tenants use to cut down their bill. This also allows you to provide greater control for each tenant over the bill for the unit, something that can be especially important in marketing units and maintaining high occupancy ratings.

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